A tropical paradise to live life to the fullest

A pearl that is tucked away in the soundtrack of the ocean and verdant forest range. Nestled in the untouched Ong Lang beach, Ocean Bay Resort & Spa Phu Quoc offers endless possibilities to immerse in the heartfelt beauty of Phu Quoc island. With professionalism and genuine hospitality, our beach resort is the perfect getaway for you to restore balance and pamper your health.

Perched on the lush forests and overlooking the unfurling waves, our bungalows and villas showcase a harmonious blend between discreet charm and elegance that uplifts your dreamy retreat. In addition, our restaurants and bars, which craft every moment of your dining experience with care, boast an array of sumptuous cuisine that is sure to please all palates.

Bungalows & Villas

Exquisite design is elaborated so that every bungalow and villa becomes one-of-its-kind. All accommodation types of Ocean Bay Resort & Spa Phu Quoc are the first in Pearl island that feature stone bathtubs. The bathtubs are handily carved from a whole stone that weighs from three to seven tons. Yet the shape and the peels of the stones still remain. Additionally, our generously spacious bathrooms amid the evergreen garden always have distinctive experiences to offer.

Bungalow: Ensconced in tropical gardens, our bungalows are perfectly designed to become a part of the beauty of diverse nature. Inspired by the typical architecture of traditional houses, every one of woodiness displays their gracefulness in an uninterrupted way in all corners of your room. The bright and airy windows create quite an intimate ambiance in the bungalows just like they are welcoming a visit from a friend.

Villas and Beach Bungalows: Located just a few steps from the sun-kissed beach, our villas and beach bungalows have an alluring display of stone walls. The skillful artisans have adorned your accommodation with visually appealing veins of stones. Where the sunset lingers on the window, the stone bathtub is perfectly positioned in the place for you to soak in the water, gaze at the green vines above, and at the same time, gaze at the calmness from the inside.


Awakening your taste with the cuisine journey from indigenous ingredients to Western dishes. With creative culinary styles and passion, our experienced chefs are the masterminds of telling stories of local flavors through a range of delicious food. Featuring a cozy atmosphere and the natural vibes, our restaurants and bars offer the most gastronomic destination for dining occasions and intimate parties.

Bamboo Spa

Restore the balance between body and mind with laid-back feelings in every moment of experience. Pamper yourself with complex treatments and local therapy ingredients. Our spa brings the best from nature to your journey of relaxation. Our spa offers two perfect ways to nourish your emotions in bamboo architecture or the open area on the white-soft sand beach.

Meetings & Events

Our resort is the incomparable destination for crucial events and meetings. Our private pristine beach, banquet experience, advanced facilities, and diverse food and beverage services are certain to create emotional moments for you and your groups.


Facilities & Activities

Step into the happiness ever after on the powder-like soft sand, experience the memorable getaway crafted by our Vietnamese hospitality. What is more intriguing than soaking in the infinity pool or participating in daily recreational activities.

Soak up the pristine landscape around the pool and overlook the infinity scene where the line between the ocean and the blue sky is blurred. Think about the tranquility while gazing at the glamorous sunset.


Momentarily disconnect with the humdrum of modern life and escape to the turquoise ocean. This pristine nature is the perfect destination for you to embark on the fun-filled non-motorized water sports: kayaking or stand-up paddle board.