Wellness & Spa

Nestled amidst majestic nature, Bamboo Rejuvenate Spa includes eight treatment rooms, open yoga room, meditation hall, manicure and pedicure area, and a place for massage workshops. Rehabilitation yoga classes, skin rejuvenation therapy, or typical Vietnamese massages with local herbs will provide a truly relaxing experience.

Health Care Program

Combining ancient science and technology, Bamboo Rejuvenate Spa offers special body care treatments that help you relax, restore your health, and balance your mind and body, to enjoy your life. Full of energy.

Facilities at Bamboo Rejuvenate Spa

  • 8 treatment rooms
  • Outdoor meditation and yoga area
  • Care & manicuring area
  • Outdoor gym



Combining ancient science and technology, these therapies bring mental and physical balance, freeing you from the chaos of life, thereby improving your health comprehensively.


Facial skin care therapy

Smooth, plump skin reflects a healthy body. Bamboo Rejuvenate Spa’s experts will help you to improve the surface of your skin, combine intensive therapy, so that your skin becomes gentle and healthy after excursions in the sun.

Body treatments

Bamboo Rejuvenate Spa introduces a variety of specialized body therapies, helping to regenerate, restore energy and remove dead bodies. At the same time, this treatment also helps to detoxify the skin, bringing a naturally bright, vibrant skin.

Wellness & Spa specialist

Do you want to relax or need to re-energize your body? Whatever the purpose, Bamboo Rejuvenate therapists will help you to achieve those criteria!


Open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

+84 0788964789

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