Travel to protect earth

Are you an environment lover then you  don’t want to skip this!

More than anyone, Ocean Bay Phu Quoc Resort & Spa is aware that developing “Green tourism” contributes to a sustainable green economy, preserving what Phu Quoc Island is bestowed upon.


Fortunately, in recent years, the concept of Green tourism has been increasingly supported, along with meaningful environmental protection activities, spreading every day. Your travel not only makes great moments with family and friends but also brings good values ​​to society in the places you have visited.

How is green tourism understood?

Green tourism is a type of tourism based on nature and culture, with environmental education, contributing to conservation and sustainable development, with active participation of local communities. Travel responsibly and ensure its sustainability.

What can we do?

Limit the use of plastic products during the travel itinerary

The challenge of not using plastic in modern life is not easy, but it does not mean it is impossible. In today’s travels, awareness of green tourism is increasingly supported by minimizing plastic waste, using items made from 

environmentally friendly materials or recycled materials.

Using products made of friendly environment materials and minimizing the impact on the environment during use

To apply Green tourism to the system of hotels, transportation agencies and restaurants, we consider and choose environmental protection measures: waste water treatment to avoid pollution, thoroughly collect garbage waste, reduce noise, limit the use of plastic bags, plant trees.

In addition, the choice of using products and packaging made from eco-friendly materials takes precedence over the use of room amenities made of cornstarch / barley / bamboo instead of paper and plastic. Minimize the amount of detergent used by limiting the frequency of washing, changing blankets in the room and will be replaced if absolutely necessary. Encourage employees to reuse and creatively change the use of used products or utilize wind energy instead of using air conditioning for cooling.

We still choose to practice such things, although we know it will be costly and difficult, but with clear and consistent purpose we do not ignore them easily.

Provide safe solutions for the environment and health

Many tour programs appear as local experience activities such as a farmer / fisherman trial day to catch up with the local culture, return to nature which have become a favorite trend of travelers. In addition, you can choose to travel more environmentally friendly such as using bicycles, electric vehicles to replace other motor vehicles. Running marathons isn’t a bad idea either. Sign up for a local run that you love and experience it. You see, we can always exercise our health and preserve the environment.

Did you know?

On August 27, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism announced that it had cooperated with the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Council (TAB) and the Swiss Sustainable Tourism Program (SSTP) to launch the page “New Green Travel ”on Vietnam’s official tourism website for expats:

Here, you will find articles introducing responsible tourism, guides on Vietnamese customs and habits, and articles promoting obscure destinations across the country.

The website “Green Travel” will provide a comprehensive list of Vietnam’s recognized sustainable tourism products. You can read about highly educational, community-responsible and environmental tours; find sustainable accommodations such as stilt houses, indigenous people’s homes, and hotels; and learn more about handmade souvenirs, fabrics, and stationery brands that both emphasize Vietnamese culture and support the lives of local people.

This time, if you are planning a trip, do not forget to contribute a little effort to protect our dear Earth.

Join us, try to minimize the negative impact of visitors while preserving local biodiversity and respecting local culture.

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