Island Discovery

Yours to explore

Phu Quoc Island, sitting off the coast of Cambodia, is one of the most appealing attractions in Vietnam. This heart-shaped island lies just 62 nautical miles from Rach Gia and nearly 290 nautical miles from Laem Chabang (Thailand). Phu Quoc has a monsoon sub-equatorial climate. Trips to Phu Quoc can be made all year round, but the best time is the dry season when the sky is always sunny, clear and blue.

Nature beauty

Phu Quoc National Park offers visitors plenty of things to do like hiking, camping, photography, and bird watching. You can get wonderful moments at Sao Beach like wandering around the beach with your friends, looking for some sea animals on the shore like snails, crabs, and starfishes, or following the small trials to the tropical jungle.

Sunset on the beach

Stunning ocean sunset where the sky transforms into a light show

Night life go by

Wander into the charming Duong Dong town, where you can find all specialties at local markets from the green pepper, fish sauce, dried to fresh seafood even some must-try dishes like “bun ken”, “bun quay”, “banh canh cha ca”. Once the sun has set, busy life at the Phu Quoc night market is alive. This market is definitely made-for-tourists. All you need for memorable and unique souvenirs are in one place with the most affordable prices. Or you don’t have a need to shop, come here to sample the island seafood in giant fish tanks, take pictures, try some street food or simply soak in the atmosphere.

Local food experience

Visiting Phu Quoc, you will have a chance to enjoy many different delicious dishes especially fresh seafood. These dishes have a different taste to other types because of its freshness flavor and unique aroma of Phu Quoc Pepper. Black pepper is considered a specialty in Phu Quoc. It is advisable to visit the pepper farm during the harvesting season which lasts from February to July. At this time, you can try to collect different kinds of peppers on your own.

Among the Phu Quoc specialties, its fish sauce is quite famous and popular. As one of the typical natural products on the island. Arriving at the fish sauce factory, you will know the process of making fish sauce, take a look at large storage containers to plastic bottles of fish sauces. If you enjoy the taste, you can buy some at the factory for quality products.

Tranquility for the soul

Ho Quoc Pagoda – the pagoda itself is absolutely stunning. Go all the way up for the best view. Inspired by the Mahayana architecture and is a part of Buddha temple, it becomes a favorite eco-tourism site. Famous for a row of jade statues, dragon staircase, giant hanging bell especially the panoramic seaview which is one of the best places to watch the sunrise of the island. Stay away from everything, just the beautiful nature, the trees, the sea, the birds, your inner peace is found.