Celebrate your dream wedding

On Phu Quoc Island, where white sands and tropical waters entice beachgoers from all over the globe, many couples have chosen this paradise in a shape like a heart taking place their dream wedding. Think about it and do it!

What you get?

A lux and romance wedding place

Phu Quoc offers a stunning and unique backdrop for your special moment. Your intimate wedding ceremony will take place in the gentle sunset in the rustling wind, sound of waves under and coconut shadow. Imagine sparkling accessories, fresh flowers or long ribbons fluttering in the sea breeze all contribute to a romantic wedding space by your own color. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to help you decorate a beautiful Phu Quoc beach wedding according to your wishes. As long as you have the idea, everything can be done in the vast sky in Phu Quoc

Intimate wedding with friends and relatives

A beach wedding will normally limit the number of guests, thus requiring family members and closest friends to witness the sacred oath. Thanks to that, their presents are definitely best wishes for your happiness.

Why choose us?

Think about your beach wedding in a powdered coastal Ocean Bay Resort where everything you need for a special day is only in one place.

Modern facilities operated by our professional banquet and event planner will bring to you a memorable wedding in the latest beach wedding style at Ocean Bay Phu Quoc Resort & Spa.

We have a dedicated menu that will impress your guests from the starter to desserts. We also care about budgeting for your event to maximize your wishes and affordability in the best way.

If there is anything bothering you please don’t hesitate to contact us with free consultant service

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